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Dennis Gaumond

Artist Bio

Gaumond, a professional musician for forty years, is also an author, a songwriter and a visual artist. He has been painting off and on for about thirty years and in the nineties, studied art at Zavitz College, University of Guelph. In 1998, he participated in a juried art competition sponsored by Wellington County with about one thousand other submissions, and placed

in the top twenty. His painting, “Cheap Room in Cuba”, was part of a three-month exhibition at the Wellington County Museum. Paintings in this phase were done using a thick paint applied with painting knives.

Gaumond's more recent paintings involve a blend of techniques, using brushwork and painted tissue. This yields a textured look that works well with non-representational abstracts, emphasizing color relationships. In the past year Gaumond has started a new line of paintings depicting rocky shorelines. The textures generated with the painted tissue also works well in representing the rock.


For Gaumond, the artistic process is even more important than the product - a process that allows the artist to

a) relinquish a certain amount of creative control to chance.

b) develop a stronger heart-felt, intuitive faculty with less dependence on the cerebral, calculating faculty.

c) maintain a disposition that is more constantly joyful.

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