Dennis Gaumond

Artist Bio

Gaumond, a professional musician for forty years, is also an author, a songwriter and a visual artist. He has been painting off and on for about thirty years and in the nineties, studied art at Zavitz College, University of Guelph. In 1998, he participated in a juried art competition sponsored by Wellington County with about one thousand other submissions, and placed in the top twenty. His painting, “Cheap Room in Cuba”, was part of a three-month exhibition at the Wellington County Museum. Paintings in this phase were done using a thick paint applied with painting knives.

In the past several years Gaumond has begun a new line of paintings using painted tissue. The style is mostly non-representational abstracts, emphasizing color relationships. For Gaumond, the artistic process is even more important than the product. This new style is the result of a search for a process that allows the artist to

a) relinquish a certain amount of creative control to chance.

b) develop a stronger heart-felt, intuitive faculty with less dependence on the cerebral, calculating faculty.

c) maintain a disposition that is more constantly joyful.